Meet Brandon

Brandon Fricke is an independent candidate running to represent the people of California’s beautiful 33rd Congressional District.

Brandon, the oldest of three children, grew up in Chico, California where he attended and played football at Pleasant Valley High School until transferring his senior year to Simi Valley High School where he started at quarterback. Throughout his youth he was told he was too short, too slow, and too scrawny to achieve his dream of playing D-1 college footballwhich only motivated him to prove otherwise.

Out of high school, Brandon attended Grossmont Community College in El Cajon, where he played football and eventually earned a full scholarship as a quarterback to Central Michigan University. There, he majored in sports management, setting him on the path to become an NFL Agent.

After subsequently completing a Master’s in Management from the WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, Brandon became a certified NFL agent. Two and a half years later, at the age of 26, he became one of the youngest agents to sign and represent a Top-10 NFL Draft pick.

Additionally, Brandon also turned his sights to entrepreneurship, turning a joke with his fiancée into a successful E-commerce store.

In late 2017, Brandon met Tomi Lahren, his now-fiancée, in Hermosa Beach. The two became engaged during the Summer of 2019. They proudly call the South Bay home and look forward to continuing to call it home as they grow and raise a family and work to improve their community.

Brandon’s love for his community and frustration at seeing friends, family members and local businesses forced out while simultaneously watching the community become overrun by homelessness, trash, drugs and crime is what drove him to challenge Ted Lieu and put an end to the failed policies that are destroying not just coastal Los Angeles, but communities all over the nation.

As our next Congressman, Brandon will restore representative leadership to the 33rd District, put partisanship aside, shake up the broken system, vote to preserve, promote, and extend freedom, and work to solve problems rather than mask them so hard-working American families can thrive and prosper.