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Help independent candidate Brandon Fricke defeat Ted Lieu and bring true representation of the people back to California’s 33rd District. SIGN UP TO JOIN THE CAMPAIGN TODAY!

Meet Brandon

Brandon Fricke is an independent candidate running to represent the people of California's beautiful 33rd Congressional District. Brandon's love for his community and frustration at seeing friends, family members and local businesses forced out while simultaneously watching the community become overrun by homelessness, trash, drugs and crime is what drove him to challenge Ted Lieu and put an end to the failed policies that are destroying not just coastal Los Angeles, but communities all over the nation.

As our next Congressman, Brandon will restore representative leadership to the 33rd District, put partisanship aside, shake up the broken system, vote to preserve, promote, and extend freedom, and work to solve problems rather than mask them so hard-working American families can thrive and prosper.


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On The Issues


Restore Representative Leadership

Enough with career politicians. Holding elected office was NEVER meant to be a career, it was meant to be a service to the constituents of your district. I promise to not serve more than three terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. Learn More


Border Security and Asylum Reform

It is imperative that we give the men and women of the U.S. Border Patrol the resources they need to do their job more efficiently and effectively. Politicians in Washington DC need to stop grandstanding and START listening! Learn More


Decrease Federal Spending

We in California need to demand that our tax dollars stay here instead of being spent irresponsibly in Washington DC and around the country. Washington DC has a spending problem. The more debt we take on today, the less FREEDOM we all have as citizens tomorrow. Learn More

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